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Sign up for Raven Mine Action updates

Please enter your information below to join our Raven Action mailing list. In the months ahead, we’ll keep you informed about public comment periods, letter-writing opportunities and petitions, community events, and other actions you can take to help ensure that the proposed Raven Mine doesn't get approved, or built.

It is crucial for citizens to take action in two major events that are likely to happen in the months ahead:

  • The 50-day public comment period required as part of the environmental assessment. This will kick off shortly after the project Application is accepted by the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). In May 2013 the Application was rejected by the EAO, and it is presently unknown when, or even if, the Application will be resubmitted. When it is imminent, we will let you know, and will follow up with open house information, and simple directions on how to take action, and make it easy to take action.
  • The Minister's Review, which results in a Ministerial decision to deny or approve the Application, following the 180-day environmental assessment. At this time, it is not possible to estimate when that might occur.

Together, let's make sure the Raven Coal Mine never happens.

John Snyder, CoalWatch Comox Valley
Delores Broten, Comox Valley Water Watch

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